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New Solid Top Guitars and 2 Concert Ukuleles introduced in January 2020

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About us

Hudson Guitar Company was conceived by George Ă–sztreicer, The original founder and designer of the Tanglewood Guitar Company. Having many years previous experience in manufacturing in the music industry, Including the ownership of the famous old guitar string manufacturing company, British Music Strings LTD. which manufactured Cathedral, Summit, Sound City and Londoner Strings. He was also a director of KAY (Guitars) the  USA base manufacturer and Distributor

It is in this vast Knowledge and personal hands on experience of guitar design and production for over 40 years the created the Hudson line which today offers tremendous quality with many unique features and exceptional specifications at most competitive prices. For those discerning guitarists who  appreciate tone, Quality and playability, Hudson Guitars offer very high specifications at affordable price points. 

The Hudson Guitar Company was founded on over 40 years of knowledge and personal hands on experience of guitar design.

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